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marijuana delivery Services

At Thai Top Shelf, our aim is to provide a top quality dispensary level experience, virtually. For all of the residents and visitors of Thailand who don’t live close to a dispensary.

Our goal is to provide an in-store level of experience, without you customers having to leave your house. Our budtenders can make recommendations depending on your needs, and you’ll be able to pick the exact strains (& nugs) that you want, all done virtually.

The way it works is you simply add us on the LINE app and have a virtually appointment with our budtenders to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Here is our current menu:

We Deliver Across Thailand

We ship across the entire country of Thailand. If Kerry or FlashExpress can reach you, we can serve you.

We pack and ship all orders the same day we receive them. Most shipments arrive between 1-3 days depending on what day of the week you order.